Changing spikes has never been easier with the Champ Q-Lok system. With a quarter turn, the cleats click firmly in place ensuring superior green-friendly traction that lasts.

For simple and effortless replacement of cleats, there is the Push & Push Okaya Japan cleat; simply push cleat into receptacle to install and push in with the supplied unlocking key to remove.

A last is a form which duplicates the anatomical shape of the human foot. In order to properly fit a shoe, the size is the first and most critical element. Once the precise size and width have been identified, a choice of lasts will be fine-tuned according to fit and address the fashion preferences.
Genuine full-grain, waterproof leather provides comfort and protection under the most grueling conditions. Apart from that full-grain leather conforms to the shape of the foot to fit just like a glove for the ultimate footwear comfort. As the shoes are being worn, the leather molds to the exact contour of the foot, creating a customized and fitting shoe.


  • Poron cushion insole made without plasticizers retains softness and flexibility as well as resisting the tendency to bottom out and take a permanent compression set. Poron’s unique material cell structure offers exceptional energy absorption.
  • Anatomically engineered EVA sockliner for comfort and arch support.
  • Ergonomically designed footbed.
  • Cushioned absorption in the shoe’s heel, reducing harmful effects that stem from the repetitive force the foot is subjected during the swing.


  • SympaTex unique non-porous membrane made of polyester is laminated between the lining and the upper which creates an absolute wall against wetness. It is totally waterproof yet that same impenetrable water barrier actually transports perspiration, so that the feet can breathe too.
  • Porelle membranes build in that extra comfort factor that keeps out wind and rain.
  • Coolmax advanced lining structured to speed up evaporation, without retaining moisture or perspiration, and actively resists mildew and odors.