For over ten years, the shoemakers in MS Worldwide Sdn Bhd (MSW) have specialized in developing, designing and OEM manufacturing golf shoes. Headquartered in Malaysia, we have an extensive Research & Development (R&D) Centre with full testing facility which has enabled us to produce for many established international golf brands.

At MSW, our ultimate mission is to dedicate ourselves to build comfortable, great fitting golf shoes yet functional with our team of skilled craftsmen to merge fashion, function and quality materials into one, feeling comfortable and superb looking. It is not just a golf shoe.

Our machine-lasted division and handcrafted division allow us to produce a wide range of golf shoes depending on requirements and specifications using materials like kangaroo or calf leather and also man-made materials.

MSW will continuously strive to succeed in producing reliable quality and performance golf shoes with breakthrough in outsole technology and design innovations.

We would like to thank all our valued customers for their continuous support throughout the years that have made us who we are today.

Quality is built into our shoes.

Ronnie Pang
Managing Director